Correct those sloping shoulders.


The muscles of the posterior deltoid, the traps and the upper back are the primary focus of this exercise. This area is a very difficult one to reach when using traditional exercise apparatus: as a result, it can get overlooked and under-trained. The FKPro fires up the whole shoulder girdle effectively from the first rep.


While it is great to look in the mirror and see promising pecs, buff biceps and awesome abs we must not ignore the back of the body. If we want to not just look better but also function better then the FKPro T Raise ticks all the boxes. It enhances the parts of the body other exercises just can’t reach – no more excuses for those sloping shoulders!


The way we sit and stand will affect the way we look, feel and perform. This exercise will correct bad posture and will help prevent injury to the shoulder region. You will be truly expressing positive body language when you add the FKPro T Raise to your workout.