Perhaps the ultimate excercise for your back.


This is primarily for strengthening the entire posterior region of the upper body: the lats, traps and posterior deltoid are all fully engaged. The tricep and core muscles, especially the trans abs, are directly involved in this challenging and comprehensive upper body exercise. This is one of the most effective pulling exercise options available.


If you cannot afford the fees or the spare time to attend a gym then the FKPro Stiff Arm Pull Down could be the eureka solution for you. No need for specialist equipment – just set up your FKPro and you can tone, strengthen and shape up pretty much every muscle of your upper body. Your back, arms and abs are going to love it.


The FKPro Stiff Arm Pull Down strengthens the whole of the back of the upper body without putting excessive strain on the lumbar region. Few conventional back exercises can boast such comprehensive and effective benefits. Whether playing competitive sport or enjoying a spot of gardening, a strong and injury proof back is a must have.