Get your backside into shape.


This exercise works the whole of the lower body: the quads, hamstrings and glutes are the major muscles involved. The quadratus lumborum (low back muscle) is also engaged as the primary core stabiliser. The FKPro Single Leg Squat is the ultimate functional movement, as it develops strength, stability and balance: as a result, it is a key exercise for the prevention of injury to the knee.


If you want to really kick butt – your own butt, that is – and get your backside into shape, this is your answer. Unlike most conventional double leg exercises – squats, leg presses etc – you can concentrate on one leg at a time.


Many of us will suffer some sort of knee problems at some time during our lives. This exercise will strengthen this vulnerable area and make us less likely to experience injury. Whether running for a bus or bending down to perform everyday tasks, mobility and strength will be improved.