Great for support. Great for love handles.


This is the most challenging and productive exercise for the external and internal obliques. The lats, hips and outer thigh muscle groups are also worked directly. There are few exercises that target the lateral muscles of the body. The FK Side Bend is an excellent option for hitting this often neglected part of the body.


There are lots of exercise options for targetting the abs – the six pack . As a result many of us spend too much time performing crunches and sit ups at the expense of working on the muscles at the sides of the body . The FK Side Bend helps to rectify this imbalance by providing the ultimate blast your “love handles” will ever get.


Twisting, turning and bending movements are vital components of efficient sporting performance. This exercise produces greater flexibility, stability and strength in the lateral areas of your body (your sides). Whether you want to accentuate your v-shape by shaping your waist or improve your golf swing the FK side bend provides the most effective results.