Improve your posture and function better.


This exercise focuses on the lats. The forearms, biceps and posterior deltoid are also engaged. This exercise provides an effective, full range of movement for this often neglected area.


Working the muscles that you cannot see in the mirror presents a real challenge . You’ll probably find this exercise easier than a traditional pull up yet more productive than using a lat pulldown machine. In short if you want to develop your v-shape and enhance your pulling strength then this really hits the spot.


This excellent exercise will help you look and function better – particularly improving your posture. Modern living encourages us to adopt poor postures; driving, using computers or watching tv. This helps correct this. For us too many training programmes over emphasize the ‘pushing’ muscles of the chest and shoulders. This not only leads to an unbalanced physique but to poor posture and the potential for injury. Don’t go there!