Work the largest back muscle of them all.


This primarily works the lats, the scapula retractors and the traps. The posterior deltoids, biceps and forearms are also engaged. This exercise helps prevent excessive development of the muscles at the front of the upper body by targeting the under-trained and as a result under developed muscles.


This exercise will help you keep your pulling strength in proportion to your pushing strength. Rather than hitting the same muscles – chest, chest and more chest – you have got to work the largest upper body muscle of them all – your back. You will gain a more pleasing shape and become a more injury-proof trainer once you start using the FKPro Angled Row.


This will prevent you from developing overuse injuries to the shoulder – like rotator cuff tendonitis. The FKPro Angled Row also balances out your upper body so that you look good from all angles – front, side and rear.