Powerstrapz (New)

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FKPRO brings you Powerstrapz

Powrstrapz give direct vibration stimulation between the 12hz to 56hz range.

Vibration therapy is a type of neuro-muscular re-education, by improving the level of communication between the body and the brain.

Please be advised there is a delivery window of between 30/60 days for the Powerstrapz.

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Powerstrapz connects to FKPRO -FKTONE -TRX & most other systems.

  • Can be used for recovery of damaged muscles and tendons, back pain and general pain management, to aid stroke recovery and to improve circulation as well as spinal stability.
  • Regular use of FKPRO powerstrapz can benefit your participation in a range of other sports and activities by building overall strength and improving flexibility and balance
  • Including a warm-up and cool-down on your vibration straps will also benefit your muscle performance and recovery time.
  • One of the main vibration benefits is strength and toning. The vibrations cause your muscles to quickly contract and relax to keep you balanced. As you move during exercises like chest presses or back rows the vibrations cause your muscles to work harder and build strength throughout your body.