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WHAT IS FKPRO? – FKPro is a two strap, suspended bodyweight system to aid weight loss, core stability, flexibility, power, balance, stamina and strength. Used in personal suspension training and fitness throughout the UK. FKPro can be used virtually anywhere, is light and easily portable.

Getting Started

GET STARTED WITH FKPRO – Whether or not you’re an instructor, lifelong fitness fan or new to training we want to make sure that you get the most out of using FKPro. That requires getting a couple of things right at the outset; how you set it up and how you use it. It’ll take just five minutes. And what’s five minutes when FKPro could make your body better for the rest of your life?



How To Use – Here are a handful of our videos to give you a better insight on how to use the products safely and effectively.


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